Article and Publication

Research article and scientific abstract are our wealth and ITR GROUP is expert and keen at preserving them for reference by our future generation. We have efficient and effective article management system to short list, segregate and concise professional article research papers and scientific abstracts.

Globalizing innovation through scientific publication was again in need to our academics. IR Group comes up its high standard publication which includes journals, proceedings, transactions and periodicals.

Emphasizing multi-disciplinary dimension in science, Engineering and technology, we publish several journal with relevant to different areas of researchers. ITR Group Conference proceedings and journals have succeeded with international reputation with high volume of citations, references and bibliography.

Our digital library is one of our best scientific database management services. Swift growth of ITR GROUP  receives lakhs of articles, thousands of publication and hundreds of journals in a very short span of time. Academic Research Library is one of the top international digital libraries that consist of proceeding, periodicals, publications and journals from different areas of academic.