Digital Library

Our digital library is one of our best scientific database management services. Swift growth of ITR GROUP receives thousands of articles publication and journals in a very short span of time. For convenience of our followers, members and subscribers we came up with our digital library by launch of DigitalXplore in the year 2013 .
Academic Research Library is one of the top international digital libraries that consist of proceeding, periodicals, publications and journals from different area of academic.


  • Global Accessibility
  • Article Citation
  • Scientific Indexing
  • Multidisciplinary conference proceeding
  • Trending journals and periodicals
  • ITR conference proceeding

The conference world
Connecting with millions of makes necessary to preserve our memories with them. Our global operations and hundreds of scientific activities every year left us with millions of captures, stills, photographs and images.
Centralizing our galleries of our multifunctional organization ITR GROUP came up with research gallery. The Conference World is a gallery having recent conference albums, keynote speakers, excellent papers and our associates. We eagerly welcome all the research papers that come to us though each and every presentations and research papers with keen exploration and then come out with the best one.